Consulting on automation of procurement activities and Master Data Management
  • Diagnostics
  • Selection of an IT solution
  • Implementation project management
Solution Analysis & Consulting

We analyze information systems and solutions and provide consultations with experienced IT specialists.

MS Project
Azure DevOps
IT Solutions & DevOps

We set up IT solutions of any complexity and increase the efficiency of development processes.

App Development

Our experienced engineers help you to build a Power App. Setup a Flow to automate your routine actions.

Big Data & Analytics

We research and analyze sets of Big Data information to further improve the efficiency of the company, open up new opportunities for generating income, and improve customer service.

Software Testing and QA

We monitor activities at all stages of the software life cycle. We will provide the required level of quality of the manufactured product.

UI Design and UX Prototyping

We will develop prototypes, design of any software that meets modern standards, full corporate identity and design of individual elements, customization of the UI-kit.

AR/VR & 3D

Using AR and VR technology we develop libraries of 3D models and software applications


We develop personalized services and systems for buying/selling bitcoins


Digital campus platform, integrated e-learning systems, multimedia


Complex solutions for medical industry and personal healthcare network service


Digital transformation is meant for automotive manufacturing (automotive ERP, ADAS, HMI etc.)


Sites and virtual shops, software tools for managing Internet sales, digitization (automation) 

Fintech & Banking

Online and mobile applications for personal finance management, systems for microcrediting

Information and monitoring system - oil refining and sales


The program "Information and Monitoring System - Oil Refining and Sales" is designed to automate the process of formation by counterparties of applications for the transportation, storage and filling of oil products, orders for crediting or writing off oil products to or from a trading account, applications for invoicing for storage and filling of oil products, confirmation or refusal to accept applications and orders for the transportation, storage and loading of petroleum products.

The program is used to automate the workflow in terms of shipping documentation (route telegrams, schedules, invoices for payment of services, acts, arbitrary files) and documentation submitted under Agreements on the provision of information services to counterparties.

Application of the program allows to increase planning efficiency, reduce downtime and production costs, as well as ensure timely fulfillment of contractual obligations of the refinery.

  • Implementing computer type: IBM PC compatible
  • Programming language: Java, CUBA platform (JMIX)
  • Operating system type and version: Windows, Linux
  •  Database Management System (DBMS): PostgreSQL

The cost of using non-exclusive rights for a legal entity is:

  10,000,000 rubles excluding VAT.

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Application of the program allows to increase planning efficiency, reduce downtime and production costs, as well as ensure timely fulfillment of contractual obligations of the gas supply company.

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